I love to share yoga in any way that I can so I've put together  fun, lighthearted  workshops using useful, effective and the necessary teachings you need to know to gain a better understanding of YOUR yoga practice.   Asana's can sometimes seem frustrating, intimidating and impossible so I've taken the best and newest evolution of yoga instruction, key anatomy from leading experts and blended them together!  I want to show you how to access power within your own capabilites to really start empowering your practice and your life!  Check out what yogi's in the country are saying!  



"I always enjoy Mei-Ling's classes and workshops.  Not only do we learn how to do the poses but we learn how to get there and why, with many variations to chose from. Headstands 101 was awesome!  The energy of the class rocked and everyone was excited for each other.  Everyone felt successful. I hope to attend many more workshops. And recommend that if anyone is looking to further their yoga practice or even just starting out to try your class!"  Jasmine P.


"Mei-Ling will open up path ways in your body you didn't know existed.  She makes it easy to get into poses you didn't think possible!"  Mecah W.


"As someone relatively new to yoga, I find myself to be continuously inspired as I learn and grow. I enjoy challenging myself in all the many ways yoga asks of you which made  the 'Headstands 101' workshop the perfect next step for me in my practice. Mei-Ling taught us a handful of poses to help strengthen and prepare us.  She broke down all of the key components needed to intelligently achieve healthy, happy headstands in ways easy to understand and relate to.  I went into the workshop feeling intimidated by headstands and left with a total new sense of understanding and the tools needed to get me where I want to be!"  Morganne W.


"Learning how to build the foundation for a safe and supported headstand was the most important tool I took home from this workshop. Thinking more about proper alignment and finding strength from that is so important. I learnt how to incorporate this into my headstand practice to find more ease in the pose and start receiving more energy in headstand than I was expending!  Thank you Mei-Ling!"  Jessie R.



"That was an amazing workshop/class at the Prairie Yoga Festival! I love the Kaminoff inspiration and I used some of my new knowledge all day."  John G.



"I enjoyed your backbending workshop.  Especially the breakdown of how to do camel pose.  My back also thanks you!"  Katrina Q.


"Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of backbending!!  I'm so excited to use what I've learned in my practice.  I feel so relieved!  You are a beautiful person with such a serene energy.  If I ever make it back to Moose Jaw, I will most definately come to a class!  xoxo"  Liza L.



"When it comes to a yoga teacher everyone brings their own personality and beliefs to each class, that being said Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko brings a raw and authentic down to earth charm to her mat.  It is about working your way into the pose and enjoying the transformation your body goes through to get there, and not just jumping right into it. Headstands 101 workshop is not somewhere you'd like to jump right into it, Literally, Mei-Ling says no jumping! I appreciated the approach of first understanding the body and how it works, the way it likes to move and how it likes to come back to its neutral natural form.  Explaining the different sections of the body and once you feel them all align and work together your body can do great things. Getting to the headstands as well was very fun, and it was very comfortable knowing everyone was there for the same thing and to cheer each other on.  Mei-Ling sticks to her yoga roots and beliefs when she's teaching yet she encourages you to explore everyone's views and to gain knowledge to create your own path for a well-built practice. She takes pride in watching fellow yogis succeed, and supports you every step of the way.  It can be nerve wracking signing up for a yoga class or a workshop and committing to it especially when you see headstands in the description. You start to think of things that could happen or about hurting yourself but regardless of those fears and unknowns the advantages of the classes like these are worth the unknowns.  You will learn so much about yourself if you sign up for workshops offered by Mei-Ling.  It is an honor to learn from her and she never disappoints."  Maisie R.



"Mei-Ling's arm balance workshops are transformative, educational, inspirational, and so much fun. She makes each arm balance seem totally effortless and free. Her methods and philosophies enable even the newest beginner to find their way into some version of each pose. Arm balances that used to feel stiff and awkward immediately feel increasingly free and comfortable. If you are ready to learn some fun new poses and enter the world of arm balances I would highly recommend attending her workshops!" 


Kristine R.


"I initially attended Mei-Ling's class just for fun and to try something new. Once the workshop began I found I was capable of much more than I thought! With her knowledgeable, encouraging, step by step instruction Mei-Ling led us through challenging but super fun arm balances. It definitely left me wanting more!"  Jennifer S.


"Learning to fly can be hard--especially when you have no wings. Thanks to what I have learned in Mei-Ling's workshops, however, I have begun to adapt. She uses the new style of Core Strength Vinyasa yoga to show how you can more readily access the feeling of flight in your arm balance practice. I love arm balancing because it allows me to feel strong and gives me the power to support myself in both my practice and my daily life. If you are a long-term practitioner you will be in a for an education, and if you are new to the discipline you will be amazed at how quickly you will float up into the air in the asanas that she covers in her workshops. My favourite part about learning how to fly is bringing that feeling of lightness through core integration into my regular practice and my life. Thank you, Mei-Ling, for your warm and meaningful guidance through the challenge of arm balancing!"


Talitha C.


"I absolutely love Mei-Ling's arm balance workshops. She creates an atmosphere that makes you comfortable enough to fall on your face (which I've literally done a couple times) and courageous enough to try anything. She seems to know just what you need to hear in that moment before you fly. You will amaze yourself!!!"  Melissa F.






The best part of teaching yoga is witnessing other people transform and shift right in front of your eyes!  I am honored to be a transfromation witness and look forward to all the paths I will cross on my own journey.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your event, venue or studio let's chat and spread all the yoga love!  Contact me here.   Or if you want to find out when the next one is and where, click here!


I hope to practice with you soon!  Mei-Ling


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