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Yoga Classes @ The Yoga Loft


Freedom Flow ( Core Strength Vinyasa Flow)  ~   Thursdays ~ 7-8:00PM 


Reclaim space in this freeing flow!  This class offers you the freedom to explore your practice on your own terms.  Moving through core integrated and aligned poses, take time to get grounded, settle your mind, ease tension, minimize stress, or create space!  A total body flow to challenge you to go deeper on all levels as you dedicate to yourself and your specific needs. 

Multilayered and suitable for all levels.



Twlight Release ~Thursdays 8:30 - 9:30PM


A therapeutic practice designed to help you declutter from your day. Devote an hour to deep breathing, therapeutic movement and stretching designed to release tension, emotions, and stress.


This grounding, relaxing practice is suitable for all practitioners.

Yoga Shred™ Inspired ~ Mondays 7:00 - 7:45PM

Experience Yoga Shred™ live in studio with a Core Strength Vinyasa warm up and warm down infused with HIIT!!  This practice combines the mindfulness of yoga with HIIT movements based on yoga sequencing for optimal health and safetly while elevating your practice.  Move into your most healthy levels of instensity through the timing of Tabata.  With short bursts of intense movements, optimize your cardiovasular health, build muscle, tone & sculpt while boosting metabolism for efficient calorie burn!   Whatever your needs are, this class will meet them in only 45 min!

This class is suitable for all levels of those with a steady yoga practice!







What is  "vinyasa flow" ? 


All my classes are taught in the style of vinyasa flow which means we move in and out of the poses and transitions through the rhythm of our breath.  It's a breath centered coordinated practice with movement within each pose, transition and then sequenced together.  You'll love it!


What is Core Strength Vinyasa?  


Core Strength Vinyasa is a style of yoga founded by Sadie Nardini that embodies holistic movement through deep core integration .   All the posture's and transitions are built and supported through  the deep core muscle meridian action (AKA Deep Front Line).  You'll free up the overuse of the back body line so you not only access more support in movements and posture's but, find freedom and lightness as you move from you biggest power source, your deep core.

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