"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."


I love creating these tutorials for YOU and  one of my intentions is to provide you with teachings from my own experiences.  In all my tutorials, I aim to use simple language and show you the key elements that are neccessary in order for you to find success wherever you are!  Read my blog post on my inspriation behind these fun challenges and opportunities here!


It's September!  Get funky with a funky arm balance!  Funky Eka Pada Bakasana is a fun pose to take on while practicing your willingness to be available from where you are.  An asana that requires you to find stability and containment in an unlikely situation.  Can you find it from where you are?  Have fun, throw defeat out the window and see what possibities become available from where you are.

Bust out your Mermaid Pose this July!   A big pose with lots of elements at play for you to play with.  Learn the elements and use the rest of your practice to find the availability you need to find your expression!  Take care and have patience and see what evolves.  Have fun!

Welcome to June's Challenge Pose, Bakasana!  This month, we're looking at what a challenge or even a struggle can turn into if you choose to look at it as a way to measure progress through strength!  Take time to prepare in my prep pose and set your foundation while you seek the shape and then the lift into flight!  Have fun, be patient and see what happens!

For the month of May, practice and discover your true potential in Camatkarasana aka Wild Thing!  There is a lot going on in this backbending pose and it is really is a beautiful pose when you can truly experience your expression in it's fullest.  I've prepped this pose with a prelude pose of side bend helping you to really transition into a true backbend!  Have fun, experience your edge and see where this pose takes you!  Let me know if  you have any questions and I want to hear about your journey!

Welcome to your March Challenge Pose where you pick your Challenge Pose!  Pick any pose you want, brand new or refine an existing one you already practice!  Always keeping yoga in mind, choose mindfully and accept where you are in your practice but don't be afraid to follow your own intuition and trust in your very own instincts to take yourself deeper into your practice.  Be smart, safe, do some inquiry and have fun!


For the month of February I am bringing you Frog Hops!  A fun way to amp up your practice and bring out the kid out in you.  Plus, learn to articulate the pelvis through these little hops to eventually find balance as you stack the pelvis on top of the torso.  Give it a go and insert them anywhere into your practice!  Let me know how it's going and have fun and trust in yourself!

By request, here is December's Challenge Pose!  Pincha Mayurasana aka Forearm Stand!  This is an ambitious yet fun pose with lots of layers that make the evolution of this pose accessible to all levels!  So, no matter what level you are at, there is a layer for you to explore, get comfortable in and of course evolve in it until you can rock your Pincha!  We'll be prepping for this pose all month long so join in the fun!  In all challenges that you are faced, remember to stay honest, focused and dedicated.  Ask me anything that comes up for you along the way!

November is all about moving forward with a little transitions from Parsva Bakasana aka Side Crow to Dwi Pada Koundinyasana!  Side Crow is a deep arm balancing twist but don't let that scare you because twists when practiced regularily and properly can evolve before you know it!  You have an opportunity to take your Side Crow through to a little transition with your legs extending to another arm balance! Yes, you'll be rocking two arm balances in a row! Take the challenge with me and move forward into a positive direction full of empowerment! Have fun! 

Here is September's challenge pose!  Astavakrasana also known as Eight Angle Pose.  Have no fear, looks are definately deceiving in this arm balance!  As you explore the layers of this pose, know that no matter where you are today, you have the opportunity to get to where you really want to go.  Remember progression and not perfection!  Have fun and ask me anything that comes up along the way!  If you are joining me in the studio, we'll be seeking all the layers and prep poses to help you "fly your own way!"

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