Yoga Benefits

Why practice yoga?



Yoga has a multitude of benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Here are some of the amazing ways you can benefit from YOUR very own yoga practice!


* Improved flexibility as you lengthen, tone and strengthen the body increasing your overall mobility.

* In Core Strength Vinyasa, learn to move your body supported from your deep front muscle line (meridian) that can dissove the need for outer body muscles to do all the supported skeletal work therefor, limiting additional muscle tension during yogic movement.

* Increased posture as you build body awareness.  

* Cardiovasucular benefits.

* Improved immuntiy and can help reduce the risk factors of chronic illness.

* Increased lung capacity.

* Reduces stress and tension and improves your mood.

* Increased overall balance and stability to support your physical body.

* Maintain weight and burn calories.

* Improved sleep and mental clarity.

* Overall sense of well-being.


As you practice yoga, you start to cultivate not only physical alignment but energetic alignment.  With breath centered awareness and yogic movement, you ultimately create more space in the body to experience a whole new kind of overall freedom.  As you build strength on all levels, you build empowerment, a true beauty of yoga.  So the question is, Why not practice yoga?



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